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Indian Food Blog : Bihar

The cuisine of Bihar is largely similar to North Indian cuisine but has influences from other East Indian cuisines especially Bengali cuisine. The scrumptious and exotic Bihari dishes are highly capable of tingling the taste buds of every food connoisseur.

Khaja is deep fried in oil and the ingredients use is wheat flour, sugar, mawa. It is very crispy. It tastes amazing when it melts in the mouth and its wafery texture makes it very tempting. It is known for its puffiness.

Laung latika is a traditional dessert of the food of Bihar. At the centre is clove which makes it stand apart from the others. The pungent taste of the clove  with the sweet stuffing dipped in sugar-syrup melts in the mouth. The complex amalgam of tastes altogether makes Laung Latika exclusive to Bihar.

Litti Chokha can be considered as the dish of Bihar. It was started as a meal of poor and then was sold on carts on the street Chokha is prepared by mashing boiled vegetables ,adding spices and chopped onion, garlic etc and served with Litti as a complimentary delicacy.

Malpua is a popular dessert sweetmeat that can be found in Bihar.It involves mixing flour, milk, sugar and mashed bananas and deep frying them so that the edges get crispy while the centre is still soft.

Thekua is the most commonly prepared snack of Bihari food. It is a mixture of wheat flour and jaggery .One can also use rice flour instead of wheat flour and sugar instead of jaggery to make different varieties of Thekua.

Tilkut is made from sesame seeds and jaggery makes its taste more flavored. Tilkut is cooked with a sugar base rolled into a ball filled with copious amounts of crushed [...]

Indian Food Blog : Assam

Assam offers just the right kind of flavours to tickle your taste buds. With a wide variety of indigenous food to offer, Assamese food is famous for its distinct flavoring and influences. Delicious pork, chicken and mutton dishes are a must try.

Baanhgaj or Lagot Kukura is essentially chicken cooked with bamboo shoots and lentil.The dish goes well with rice and it can be garnished with chopped green chillies and onions.

Khaar is truly a unique Assamese preparation. Khaar is a heartwarming dish made with vegetables and pulses and the main ingredient being meat, fish or even duck. Even dried banana leaves which imparts burst of unexpected yet refreshing flavors.

Lucchi is prepared by deep frying a roti made up of white flour, without making it crisp. It is served with a delicious potato curry. Lucchi is also known as Poori in other parts of the country.  

Masor Tenga is slow cooked fish with a broth made from outenga, tomatoes, and lemon and offers an extremely tangy refreshing flavour once done. Every Assamese definitely loves Masor Tenga.

Payash is made using Joha rice and is loaded with ghee, dry fruits, and milk. Cooked on a low flame, one can also add cardamom and saffron for garnishing the dish. Overall, it is a must try dish for all those with a sweet tooth.

Indian Food Blog : Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh street food differs from tribe to tribe. As one move toward the eastern side of Arunachal people are dependent on bamboo and other leafy vegetables which are strictly boiled. Fried food is not as popular as people like to eat either boiled or smoked food.

Apong is a type of rice beer, which is traditionally prepared by tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.India. Apong is prepared by fermenting rice. The two types are Nogi Apong and Poro Apong.The two apongs differ in their taste and colour.

Chura Sabji is a kind of curry made of fermented cheese made by either yak milk or cow’s milk and not to forget the most important the flakes and a few pieces of the King chilly which makes it spicy but delicious.

Lukhter is another delicacy of the Arunachal Pradesh.Lukter is a combination of cooked dry meat and chilli flakes from the King chilly or Bhut Jolokia. Like the norm goes with Aunachal, this is a side dish meant to be eaten with rice.

Pehak is made by use of fermented Soybean and King chilly. In this dish, the king chilli is used as the main ingredient. It is also used as a side dish with rice. The pickle is hot and very spicy that gives the rice a very unique hot flavor. Pehak is very popular among Arunachalis.

Pictures sourced from various sources on internet. Please contact for credits.

Indian Food Blog: Jammu

This photo series highlights best of street food items from different regions in India. First is Jammu.

Kimb a citrus fruit is skinned, juice & seeds squeezed out and then mixed with spices, salt, bit of sugar etc. A sweet, sour and spicy snack commonly prepared in many homes, but rare to find it for sale.


Bhijja Kulcha with Rajma (kidney beans). World’s best Rajma are grown in Jammu and this is evident in the number of Rajma dishes available in region. Another popular dish is Raajma Chawal served with mango pickle, chutney and clarified butter on some food shops on NH1 near Banihal.


Pattode, made with Colocassia Leaves. These are made in many parts of northern India. But each region has it’s own flavours.


Chana Kulcha, a very popular snack food item sold by street food vendors outside schools. Now there are a few other versions of it, like one with soyabean.


Kaladi Kulcha . Kaladi is a dense, salted cheese very popular in most parts of Jammu. It may have a bit of fungus on it which gives it a unique flavour. Eaten by heating on a pan with little oil and addition of salt, sauce or spices. It can be eaten with or without the bun.


Kachalu chaat. Another very popular street food snack for school children. Made of Taro rootstock and mixed with a wide variety of spices like tamarind, chilli, rock salt, pepper and more. Different places have different flavours.


Bhalla. Though this dish is quite common in most of northern India. But residents of Jammu just love these bhallas sold by small vendors in a few bus stands in southern border of Jammu. [...]

Restaurant Review: Ambrosia Bliss

Ambrosia Bliss is situated right in the middle of New Delhi in Connaught Place. This  property is barely 4 months old but has become famous for it’s food, interiors and fun filled events in this short period. It’s situated on outer circle of Connaught Place, just above Haldiram. The small entrance and a signboard give no indication about the lavish and huge restaurant inside.

There are three different sections, each one with a different purpose, design and unique charm. First one, Ambrosia is a fine dining place with a good amount of space, great decor, airy with good natural light. Bliss is a relaxing bar and lounge made more interesting with a huge screen, well stocked bar, Sufi rock live performance and other such events. The third one is a “small” private dining area for parties, conferences etc. which can comfortably accommodate 30 guests with space to spare. Each section has an outdoors seating area, it’s own unique design, ambiance  and appeal for different audience.

Ambrosia is a great place for relaxed meals with friends and family. Bliss is the place where you can go to have a few drinks, listen to live music, smoke hookah and just chill.  Guests in this section can order anything except main-course. The private dining area is for private small to mid-size gatherings or parties. As mentioned earlier, each section is designed to cater to a specific audience which is a fairly nice touch. When you combine all this, whole property is huge and one of the largest in the city. Ambrosia and Bliss sections by themselves are larger than most mid-sized restaurants .

The food and drinks menu is just as expansive with huge amount of choices which are enough to leave [...]

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