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Indian Food Recipe : Moong Daal

 Moong Daal Recipe
Lentils and grams are a very integral part of Indian cuisine. The daal is made in different ways from different areas and regions in India. One can make split green gram, Pigeon peas, green gram, Black gram and the list is vast. It’s not just delicious and but also very good for health.


½ cup split green gram (soaked for ½ an hour).
Tomato – 1 no.
½ tsp. turmeric powder.
½ tsp. chilli powder.
Coriander leaves.
Green chilly -1 no.
Salt as required.

For the seasoning

Garlic flakes – 3 .
Oil as required.
Cumin seeds – ½ tsp.
Curry leaves – 6-7 leaves.


Add the soaked dal with 2 glasses of water in a pressure cooker.
Add one tomato, green chili, coriander leaves.
Now add the masalas and salt.
Pressure cook for 2-3 whistles.
After the pressure has gone from the cooker take a heavy bottomed pot and add the ingredients for seasoning.
When the cumin seeds start sputtering add it to the dal
Serve with white rice and rotis.

Indian Food Recipe : Kheer

Kheer Recipe
Kheer is a famous dessert in the Indian cuisine. Kheer essentially means milk in Sanskrit. This mouth watering dessert is made from broken wheat, vermicelli or rice. You can choose as per your taste. You can add nuts and raisins to make it crunchier and add some saffron to it to get that beautiful color. Initially Kheer was originated in South India but later on it became famous all across India.

Items required for preparing Kheer:

1 cup of milk

Rice half cup or broken wheat or vermicelli (soaked and washed for 20 minutes)

Soaked 20 strands of saffron in 2-3 tablespoon of hot milk.

Green cardamoms – 8 – peeled and powdered.

Sugar – 6-7 tablespoon.

14 almonds and 12 pistachios.

How to prepare:

Simmer the milk once it is boiled thoroughly.

Grind rice or broken wheat coarsely so that it easily dissolves in the milk.

Add milk to coarsely ground rice or wheat.

Stir the milk thoroughly nonstop so that it does not stick to the pan.

Boil till the milk thickens and the rice or wheat is boiled.

Now remove the pan and add almonds and pistachios

Serve it hot or cold.

Indian Food Recipe : Spinach Gravy (Paalak)

Spinach (Paalak) Gravy
When we are looking for some nutritious ingredient then spinach can be used in every type of dish including soup, parantha and rice too. Some people love to have it in a spicy flavor. This green vegetable is a store of vitamins and proteins which is very healthy.
Contents of the dish:

Spinach, 1.5 cups.
Toor dal, ½ cup.
Cumin seeds, 1.5 tsp.
Dry red chillies.
Grated coconut, 3 tsps.
Garlic flakes.
Tomato puree, 4 tsps.
Salt as per taste.


To settle the toor dal and tamarind, soak them in water for few minutes.
Clean the spinach and boil it in water.
Make a fine paste of the toor dal, cumin seeds, coconut and red chillies.
Now add this paste into the spinach with salt, tamarind water and garlic tomato puree.
Season the dish with some gram dal, curry leaves and spinach and serve hot.


Indian Food Recipe : Kheer

Kheer Recipe
 Kheer is a milk pudding. This includes vermicelli, rice or broken wheat along with nuts and raisins that give it a crunchy taste and with saffron it gets its color. It’s typically a South Indian dish but very famous with its different versions all over India. It is essentially served as a dessert


1 cup – milk.
½ cup –rice (washed and soaked for 20 mins).
8 green cardamoms peeled and powdered.
20 strands of saffron (soaked in 2 to 3 tbsp. of hot milk).
6-7 tbsp. sugar.
14 almonds.
12 pistachios.


Let the milk simmer for some time after boiling it.
Coarsely grind the rice after draining out the water
Add rice to the milk stirring nonstop so that rice doesn’t stick to the vessel.
Add saffron and powdered cardamoms.
Till the milk thickens let it boil.
Add sugar and till it dissolves keep it on the flame.
Remove and garnish with Almonds and pistachios.
Serve hot or cold.

Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Your Favourite Pizzas

What is flat, round, topped usually with cheese and tomato sauce and can be custom-made to suit each and every palate, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian? No points for guessing; it’s a pizza! In the present society, where pizza rightfully claims (and actually does) get to your house before even the police can, there is an ever-increasing war of sorts between all the so-called ‘big’ pizza delivery chains in any city.

For instance, in Mumbai itself, there are more than a dozen Pizza Hut Mumbai outlets to choose from! After all, a pizza is like the entire food pyramid rolled into one! And with more and more people warming up to this Italian delicacy, the types and varieties of pizzas available today is truly mind-boggling. That first delectable whiff of your pizza baking in the oven, the scalding of your tongue as you bite into your pizza slice sooner than you should have, the way your mozzarella leaves a trail leading from your mouth to the slice even as you try to pull away and let go, the burst of flavours on your tongue which leaves your taste buds tingling – truly speaking, eating a pizza is an all-encompassing culinary experience in its own right. And the best part of all, a pizza can be prepared in an infinite number of ways, with a different topping or combination of toppings each time.
Interesting Facts About Pizzas:

More than 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year.
The first restaurant which exclusively sold pizzas came up in Naples in the year 1830.
The world record for the fastest pizza making currently stands at 14 pizzas in 2 minutes and 35 seconds.
There’s actually an entire month dedicated [...]

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