Adventure tourism in India is fast gaining popularity amongst Indian as well as foreigner tourists. We arrange adventure tours with different activities like trekking, camping, climbing, biking, rafting, hiking, balloon rides, para-gliding, para-motoring and many more in various regions across India. Some of our more popular adventure tourism destinations in India are:
Himachal Pradesh:
Literal meaning of Himachal is “Lap Of Himalayas” and is one of the most beautiful and picturesque states in India.  The state  is blessed with many beautiful places like Spiti, Lahual, Manali, Chamba, Shimla, Kullu, Pin valley etc.It’s very popular as a cool destination during summer months in India. It was one of the first regions in India where adventure tourism got really popular and these days it attracts adventure loving tourists from all over the world
Lahaul & Spiti
Lahual & Spiti are situated on Indo-Tibetan border and the region is a mix of Indian and Tibetan terrain and culture. The average altitude of this region is more than 4000 meters and remains cut off from rest of world for most part of the year. Spiti was opened up for tourism only in 1992 and thus retains much of it’s freshness and some unexplored areas. A number of very rare plant and animal species like snow leopard, Himalayan bear, pika, chinguk etc call this region their home.  Lahaul Spiti is a heaven for adventure junkies looking for trekking, camping, mountain climbing, wild life watching and even adventure rides via bikes, motorcycles or off-road vehicles.
Adventure Tours in Lahaul and Spiti
We have one of the best support network in this region and you can contact us for anything related to travel and short term or long stays in this [...]