Culinary Tours in India

For foodie tourists, we offer customized culinary tours based on diverse local Indian cuisines in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, Mumbai and a few other places on request. Our focus in these tours is to promote the authentic Indian food culture as enjoyed by locals in different regions of the country. These services include short food walks of varying durations, cooking classes, wine tasting, tea tasting as either stand alone activities or part of multi-day culinary tours.

More than just food tasting

Our food walks help people discover the local cuisines, their significance in daily lives of locals as well as history and sights of the places. If you wish to get a glimpse of offbeat sights, flavours and daily lives of people, then these food walks are the right choice.

All that you can eat food

Our food walks really offer unlimited all that you can eat food. We visit as many places as possible and there is no limit on how much you can eat.

Maximum varieties of food covered

Every food walk covers a wide variety of different local food dishes which cover a large part of hugely diverse Indian cuisine. Our guests taste a bit of almost everything available and popular in the city.

Safe and hygienic

We spare no effort in serving only the safest and most hygienic food. All the food and places are tested for their quality and safety of food and everything is absolutely safe to eat.

Best food vendors

All food vendors included in our food tours are the best in their respective categories. Some of them are in business for generations in the same place and are well known and respected for quality of their food and service.

  • Tailor made culinary tours with active guidance from chefs and food experts.
  •  Multiple options of diverse culinary activities like food walks, cooking classes, tea tasting, wine tasting, farm tours, kitchen tours and more.
  •  English speaking guides with good knowledge of city’s history and food culture. Translators available on request,
  •  All major expenses like accommodation, transport, entry fee, activities, most meals included in price. No hidden costs.
  •  Options of adding multiple tourist experiences like photo walks, cycling tours, jungle safaris and more.
  • Private and completely customisable depending upon preferences of the guests.
  • Options of having local chefs lead your culinary activities

Our cooking classes are a fun and informative way to learn the secrets of Indian cooking. Our cooking classes teach more than just ways to cook Indian food. By attending these classes, our guests also learn the finer details and secrets which make Indian food so special. Depending upon the expertise and duration of classes, our guests can learn how to cook anything from a few appetizers to multi-course Indian meals. Our cooking instructors teach how to use the optimum blend of easily available ingredients and spices to create a perfect Indian meal. Read more…

These food tours of India with a chef to guide the guests with all the culinary activities including food tours, cooking classes, spice introductions, market tours and kitchen tours are specially tailored for foodie tourists who want to experience the best of Indian cuisine. Instead of just 1 or 2 food tour or cooking demos, these chef tours of India showcase the best of Indian cuisines, activities and sights in a single travel package. 

Pub Crawls every week ! Join in the fun, games and laughter in company of interesting people from around the world as we visit some of the top bars in the city. Enjoy one free drink in each bar and purchase more food and drinks at deep and exclusive discounts. There are funny props, interesting games and awesome music to keep you entertained.

  • DATE: Every Thursday
  • START TIME: 19:30
  • DURATION : 3-4 hours
  • LOCATION : Connaught Place, New Delhi.
  • COST : INR 3000.  …..and more

India is one of the biggest producers of teas and grows numerous varieties of teas in different parts. As such, tea tasting in New Delhi is one of the more educational as well as enjoyable activities for all tea lovers. These tea tasting sessions are arranged on request and led by the best tea sommeliers in the city which have been in this profession for decades. The participants can taste various types of teas from different parts of the world and learn about procedures of proper tea making, growing, health benefits, appreciating different flavours and various other aspects of this wonderful drink.

Pricing & Inclusions

All our services include cost of food, guiding fees, entry fees and related expenses. 

This makes our culinary tours  the most value for money when one considers all the unique and highly useful services which we provide . A large number of guests from all over the world have already traveled with us and thoroughly enjoyed them. You can read some reviews on  Tripadvisor for more information.
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