Best Indian Food Tours in  India

We offer following types of culinary tours in various cities of India including New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Goa.
Indian food tour in Delhi

  • Foodie Trips : Private multi-day tours which incorporate  food walks, cooking classes, sightseeing and other culinary and fun activities.
  • Indian food tours: Custom Indian food tours in select cities (New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur and more) of India with a local food expert to guide you.
  • Indian Cooking classes : Learn how to cook some exotic Indian dishes from experts.
  • India Tours With A Chef: Travel across India sampling great food and learning about Indian cooking with a chef.
  • Meet the Chef & Kitchen Tours : Meet top chefs and take kitchen tours of some of the best food joints & hotels in India.

If you want to have taste authentic Indian food in India, try our Indian Food Tour  service. The food tours we conduct in India cover the best and widest variety of Indian food from best food joints of the city.  Every single food tour is designed after consulting the guests about their food habits and  other preferences.

Services provided in each food tour:

  • Unlimited food and drinks from a wide variety of established food joints spread all across city.  Duration of food tours and number of dishes sampled is limited by appetite of guests only. chole spicy indian food
  • Each food tour on an average is 6 hours long and consists of sampling 15-20 different Indian food dishes from up to 12 different food vendors spread all over  city. Any tour covers 2 meals of the day.
  • Air-conditioned transport covering pickup, travel inside city and drop off at hotel for most tours.
  • Basic amenities like bottled water, wipes, sanitizer and more provided at no extra cost.
  • Focus on taste as well as safety and hygiene. Only those vendors which pass our strict standards for quality and safety and included in our food tours. Some of them have been in business for 3 generations at the same place.
  • Cost per person for a tour starts from Rs 2000 ( $ 30) per person for a two person tour and discounts are offered for larger groups.

Our food tours cover more than just street food . It is indeed an important part of most of our tours, but you will also taste some special Indian food dishes from all over India in various food joints from across the city.
It’s very different from almost all of city walk and food walk tours which begin and end with just a couple of restaurants and street food joints in a single neighbourhood.

These tours cover more than just food. They are also a great way to know more about the city, it’s way of life, culture and history. Each tour covers these aspects in detail.

Safe & Most Value For Money Food Tours in India

Custom Indian food tours in IndiaOur Indian food tours service in Delhi has served hundreds of guests and have 100% positive feedback on Tripadvisor.  Before that we spent more than a year searching and cataloging some of best food vendors, businesses and places in many cities for our tours.  One of our main motives behind this food tours service is to promote authentic Indian food culture as practiced and experienced by local Indians, This has  earned us great goodwill amongst tourists from all over the world  who want to taste real Indian food. We don’t waste your money and time in expensive restaurants which serve only a pale, overpriced imitation of authentic Indian food. The cost of tour includes everything including taxes, transport and food and you don’t have to pay a single extra dime for anything except in case you want to visit a monument with an entry fee during the tour.  Our Indian food tour service is exactly what it’s supposed to be, a tour of authentic Indian food in India without any distractions.


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