Food Yoga

Food Yoga is the art of combining ancient Indian dietary practices with Yogic exercises for optimal physical and mental health.

India is birth place of Yoga and Ayurved, two of the oldest surviving holistic philosophies for a better physical and spiritual life. A healthy body and an active mind need more than just plain exercises and good food in isolation. Our Yoga instructors combine the best of Yogic exercises and meditation techniques with the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and diet to offer you a healthy living plan which is easy to learn and follow.

Yoga Sessions

We offer custom designed Yoga sessions which can range from one hour to multiple days. These can cover the absolute basic Yoga exercises and meditation techniques to advanced multi-day sessions which cover wide aspects such as incorporating healthy Yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, exercises, meditation techniques and medicine in daily routines.

Since the time available for most of our participants is rather limited, these yoga sessions encompass as much knowledge as possible in shortest amount of time.

All of these activities are custom designed according to time available, size of groups and other specific requirements of the participants. Email us at or fill up Contact Form for more information.