Lahaul Spiti in Himachal Pradesh is a great location for not only sightseeing but also for a journey of self-discovery, meditation and spirituality. This region has attracted monks and sages for thousands of years from places as far as Tibet who wanted to meditate in peace close to nature.  There are a number of monasteries, mediation sites and caves which are witness to the spiritual journeys of countless people.

It’s much easier to travel, live and meditate in Lahaul Spiti these days, but the relative solitude, majesty of nature and spirituality of the place is hard to find anywhere else. The monasteries in Spiti are among the oldest in the world and are full of ancient manuscripts, artifacts and wise monks who have spent countless generations increasing the spiritual wealth of the world. A spiritual journey in Lahaul Spiti region can cover these monasteries, Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga and meditation sessions in a wide variety of places. Meditating in Himalayan caves which are in use for thousands of years now for such purposes is a big attraction which can’t be replicated easily.

We offer a number of choices to travelers who want to explore their own spirituality and that of  the region in any kind of detail. Such a journey can include meditation classes with monks, home stays with local families, visits to monasteries, holy sites, classes on Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga and so on. Duration of the tour can be variable and adjusted according to needs of the guests.  Please email or fill the contact form on the right.

Services Provided

  • TRANSPORT : In private or shared car or SUV with driver, trek on foot.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hom stays, hotels, guest houses, Campsites.
  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
  • ACTIVITIES:  Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga, Volunteer activities (Optional)
  • DURATION: Variable
  • MEALS: By choice
  • COST: Variable