Hamta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake Trek (7 Days)

Hamta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake Trek (7 Days)
This trekking route will take you over a wide variety of terrain from Hampta Pass in Kullu valley to Chandra Taal Lake in Spiti. During this journey, the trekkers cross such varied terrain like green pine forests, glaciers, deep valleys, open meadows and high altitude deserts.  This trek should be attempted by people already familiar with at least basic trekking.
Day 1. Manali – Jobra – Chika
First day will begin by transport to Jobra village in a car from Manali or nearby. Jobra is a beautiful small village at an altitude of  3200 m covered by lush green pine forests. We’ll rest there for a while taking in the sights and hopefully a cup of hot tea. We’ll then walk through the forest in to a meadow with Rani Nala (stream) passing through it. We’ll reach Chika by evening and set up our camp for the night.
Day 2. Chika – Jwara – Balu Ka Gera
Next morning after breakfast, we’ll pack up our things and start walking alongside the small river/stream. We’ll need to cross it after a while which is quite easy without getting wet.  After a couple of hours, we’ll reach Jwara a valley sheltered by tall mountains all around it. We can see Dhualadhar mountain range from here for first time. As we keep walking from this point onwards, we’ll keep gaining altitude. Our next stop will be Balu-ka-Gera which literally means “bed of sand” due to sand and rock brought by the river. We’ll camp there for the night.
Day 3. Balu-Ka-Gera – Shea Goru – Hampta Pass
Next day, we’ll keep following the river and face our first [...]

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Chandra Taal Lake Camping (Variable duration)

Camping near Chandrataal Lake, Spiti
Chandra Taal (Moon Lake) is an incredibly beautiful lake situated in Spiti and surrounded by majestic Himalayan mountains. The circumference of lake is more than 4 km and is situated at an altitude of 4300 meters. The water of the lake is so clear that you can see the bottom for meters. It’s a great location to relax and enjoy the solitude and beauty of nature and also to trek. Due to it’s ecologically sensitive surroundings, all camp sites have to be at least 1 km away from the lake. 

To tourists looking forward to spend a day or more at the lake, we offer a large variety of options starting from tents for rent, use of campsite, parking, hot meals, bottled water, transport and assistance with trekking in the area. Our campsite has all the proper certifications and meets all legal requirements to operate in the area and offer the best service for the cost.

Prices for camping for one night start from INR 1700 (US $ 28) and differ according to choice of tents, meals and services availed. Contact us to learn more.
Other Activities:
Trek to Samudri Taapu
Services Provided

TRANSPORT : In private or shared car or SUV with driver, trek on foot.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,  Mountain climbing, Jungle safari, Bird watching, Motorcycle rides, Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga, Volunteer activities (Optional)
DURATION: Variable
MEALS: By choice
COST: INR 1700 (US $ 28) onwards (At 1 US $ = INR 60)

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Chandra Taal To Samudri Taapu Trek (2 days)

Chandra Taal To Samudri Taapu Trek
Trek to Samudri Taapu from Chandra Taal is a short one but is ranked as a medium category trek due to alutitude (4300 m) and difficuty of terrain. Samudri Taapu is one of the origins of Chandra river which flows through Spiti valley and later becomes the mighty Chenab. It’s an ideal trekking and camping trip for trekkers who want to test their skill and stamina in  comparatively high altitude  and tough terrain.
DAY1 : From Lake to Glacier.
We’ll start walking from Chandra Taal and trek alongside Chandra river as it flows on our left. The terrain is rocky, sometimes unstable and criss-crossed by ridges and small mountain streams.  Only people that you might find on way are the occasional Gaddi shepherds. After a walk of 4-5 hours,we’ll reach one of the origins of Chandra river at end of the ridge and halt for lunch. After a bit of rest, we’ll cross the small plateau to set up camp at some distance from the glacier. We can walk to the glacier from there to explore the area. Sleep in tents under the clear night sky.
DAY 2 : Trek Back.
For coming back, we have two options. We can either walk back the same way or use the short cut via rope way which is used by local Gaddi shepherds to cross Chandra river sometimes.The latter is a bit dangerous at times and not advisable if you are carrying a heavy back pack.  It must be done only under supervision and never alone. After crossing the rope way, we have to climb up a mostly dry waterfall which is running only during rainy season. Walk back to our campsite [...]

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