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Culinary Tour of India with Chef : December 2014

Culinary Tour of India with Chef : December 2014
Bookings for Culinary Tour of India with chef Rajeev Goyal in December are open.  These culinary tours are an eclectic mixture of food walks, cooking demos, sightseeing, various fun activities, adventure and introduction to culture and history of India in one compact package. The group size is kept small to ensure maximum attention to detail. All the culinary activities will be led by Rajeev and his crew. Last date for booking a slot in this tour is 25th November.  Please note that bookings for November tours are over at this point. We will operate one such tour every month till March 2015. 

Places covered: India’s Golden Triangle which includes New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur in addition to  Jodhpur, Osian. 
Activities: Food tours, cooking classes, playtime with elephants, desert safaris, introduction to spices.
Mode of transport: By road
Accommodation: A mix of best heritage and boutique hotels in Delhi, Agra & Jaipur, luxury campsite in desert .
Meals: All meals included from food tours, top specialty restaurants and hotels. Includes one welcome dinner on 15th with chef and one dinner in Jaipur with royal family.
Transport: In comfortable air-conditioned vehicles.
Sightseeing: Major landmarks of New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur in addition to some hidden gems on the way like Sambhar lake.
Cost : US $ 2340 per person on twin sharing basis inclusive of all taxes.
Maximum group size : 16
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights.
Dates: Begins from 16th December 2014 from Delhi. Ends on 23rd December. Check in on 15th December.
Last date for booking: 25th November
Contact: Email – , Phone +919810645418

Travel Itinerary:
On 15th December, guests arriving in New Delhi will be picked up from New [...]

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India Tour With A Chef

Culinary Tour of India With A Chef
As Indian food gains popularity all over the world, more and more people want to explore Indian cuisine in more detail.  A lot of tourists want to participate in activities like food tours, cooking classes, kitchen tours, introduction to spices, tea tasting, wine tasting and so on. Although we are already operating such activities in a few cities across India for quite some time with great response, the tours of India with a chef are meant for discerning travelers who want to learn more about Indian food than what’s possible in a day. Such culinary tours have one ore more chefs and culinary experts as the tour leaders and are designed to include the best of sightseeing, activities and Indian food in the most enjoyable way.

All the culinary activities which include food tours, cooking classes and demos, kitchen tours and major meals are done under the expert supervision of a chef for maximum attention to detail. Right now, we are offering Tours With A Chef 1-3 times a year with destinations like Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra and are in process of including some  other destinations like Kerala, Goa, Mumbai and Tamilnadu. The group size of these culinary tours is be between 10 to 15.

Please take a look at the Tour With A Chef packages listed below to know what we offer. These packages can also be modified in any way possible by adding or removing the destinations or an entirely new one created to suit the needs of guests. These can be chosen for a private tour. 

Chef Tour: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. 6 Days.
Chef Tour: Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur. 7 Days.
Chef Tour: [...]

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Heritage Tour

Heritage Tour of India

 India is the land where numerous cultures took birth thousands of years ago and enriched the land with their philosophy, thoughts, architecture art, literature and cuisines. Unlike most other civilisations, these didn’t fade away with time. India was and still a place where ancient and modern co-exist in all their diversity. The ancient temples, forts, palaces and monuments made by old India royals; all are symbols of traditions and knowledge which have survived for thousands of the years.

Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Tamilnadu and every other place boasts of a heritage which is unequaled anywhere in this world.

 We conduct heritage tours of India to help Indians as well as foreigners explore the ancient history and legacy of India. In these heritage tours, you can see with your own eyes the grandeur of old kings and  unparalleled made by India in art and science. Each region in India has it’s own unique heritage and history which is quite well preserved not only in form of old monuments but also the daily lives of people.
A heritage tour with us will help you to explore all of these by stays in exotic palace hotels, luxurious train journeys, interaction with people who still follow their millenia old traditions and much more. These tours cover different periods and types of Indian history and heritage in different regions.

For example, a Rajasthan heritage tour will let you explore the valourous Rajputana history, the magnificent forts made by the brave warriors which were almost unconquerable and the pride which they had in their own culture and heritage. Ranthambore, Jaipur, Jodhpur are just some of the examples.

A tour of Madhya Pradeh will show you the cultural and artistic [...]

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Indian Food Tours in India

Best Indian Food Tours in  India
We offer following types of culinary tours in various cities of India including New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Mumbai, Jodhpur and Goa.

Foodie Trips : Private multi-day tours which incorporate  food walks, cooking classes, sightseeing and other culinary and fun activities.
Indian food tours: Custom Indian food tours in select cities (New Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipur and more) of India with a local food expert to guide you.
Indian Cooking classes : Learn how to cook some exotic Indian dishes from experts.
India Tours With A Chef: Travel across India sampling great food and learning about Indian cooking with a chef.
Meet the Chef & Kitchen Tours : Meet top chefs and take kitchen tours of some of the best food joints & hotels in India.

If you want to have taste authentic Indian food in India, try our Indian Food Tour  service. The food tours we conduct in India cover the best and widest variety of Indian food from best food joints of the city.  Every single food tour is designed after consulting the guests about their food habits and  other preferences.
Services provided in each food tour:

Unlimited food and drinks from a wide variety of established food joints spread all across city.  Duration of food tours and number of dishes sampled is limited by appetite of guests only. 
Each food tour on an average is 6 hours long and consists of sampling 15-20 different Indian food dishes from up to 12 different food vendors spread all over  city. Any tour covers 2 meals of the day.
Air-conditioned transport covering pickup, travel inside city and drop off at hotel for most tours.
Basic amenities like [...]

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Why India Food Tour

How we offer best India tour packages
There must be hundreds of tour & travel businesses in India, which offer similar custom tours and travel services as we do. Some are much bigger than us in terms of size, budget, reach etc. and  may provide fairly good service too. Then why should anyone  choose us over any other tour operator ? Here are some unique and unbeatable services offered by India Food Tour which may help you make the right decision:
1) Completely private and exclusive custom tours.

Unlike tours operated by other tour operators,all of our tours are reserved for a single party only.  We don’t pick and mix different clients who don’t know each other in to one large group just to reach minimum group size.  The car you hire, the hotel you stay in or any other service you avail from us will not be shared by anyone else. We focus on providing service tailored to individual guests instead of a large group consisting of mutual strangers. Our tours are designed according to the guest instead of the other way around. No two tours organised by us are exactly alike in terms of  places visited, activities, food etc. The preferences of every single guest are taken in to account before suggesting or serving anything. .
2) Trust and safety
Unlike many other tour operators, we don’t receive any under the table commission from any business we refer our guests to. Our aim is to provide best Indian experience to our guests. You can confirm the quality of our services via reviews and testimonials written by our guests on our pages at TripAdvisor, Facebook and more.
3) More than just sightseeing
Almost all [...]

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