Custom India Tour Packages and Travel Services For Your India Trip
India Food Tour provides custom made India culinary tour packages with Indian food tours, cooking classes, tea tasting, wine tasting, photo tours, bar crawls and many other fun things to do in India. These activities can be included in almost any general travel itinerary as addons. For more serious food lovers and discerning travelers, we offer custom designed culinary travel itinerariesĀ  which offer the best of culinary activities as well asĀ  many other interesting activities for the authentic India experience.

Travellers tell us their budget, duration of travel, desired places and activities.
We suggest places, activities, travel plans and logistics along with the approximate cost.
If travellers want some modifications, they are done and then the tour package is finalized.
Arrival in India and beginning of journey.

Make your own India Tour Package
All you have to do is to come to India and we’ll take it up from there. Starting from immediate requirements like your airport pickup, hotel, meals to transport, sight-seeing, food tours and other activities; we’ll help you with it all aspects of your India tour. If you want to do any of above things yourself, you are welcome to do so too. You are not bound by restrictive plans and schedules. So, depending upon your requirements we can arrange all or some of the following for you :

Transport facilities via train, car, bus, plane bullock cart, rickshaw, foot or anything feasible.
Places to stay, like hotel, heritage properties, guest house, home-stay, camp etc.
Food tours, cooking classes, tea tasting, sight seeing, jungle safaris and various other fun and unique activities in many locations across [...]