Chopata, Chandrashila to Deoria Taal Trek ( 4 Days)

Trekking and Camping holiday in Chopta, Chandrashila and Deoria Taal
This trek is a great introduction to people who want to graduate to multi-day trekking and camping trips slowly and gradually from normal sightseeing tours. This trek covers Tungnath, Chandrashila, Chopta and Deoria Taal with treks of varying duration and intensity. But neither of the treks are too difficult and can be enjoyed by travelers in reasonably fit physical condition. The charm of staying in camps under clear night skies of Himalayas of Gharwal is a big attraction of this trekking tour.

DAY 1: Rishikesh to Chopta by road
Early morning drive from Rishikesh to Chopta campsite in car. The drive takes around 7 hours and we’ll stop once or twice for lunch, tea and stretching legs. After reaching Chopta, we’ll walk around enjoying the sights. We have the option to spend the night in tents or in spare guest room of a small eating joint.
DAY 2: Chopta to Chandrashila via Tungnath Temple
Day two will begin with trek to Chandrashila and we’ll visit Tungnath Temple (altitude 3860 m) on our way. Chandrashila is the name of mountain peak on which Tungnath temple is situated. The peak itself is around 1 km walk from temple, half of which is sharp climb. The trekkers are rewarded by the amazing views of Himalayan mountains with the famous Nanda Devi peak in distance.  The trek is around 4.5 km long and takes about 3 hours normally. We’ll enjoy lunch near the temple while coming back. We’ll reach our camp site in evening and rest.
DAY 3: Chopta to Deoria Taal Trek
We’ll wrap up our camp site and begin the trek to Deaoria Taal, a small [...]

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Bike Tour Of Rishikesh In A Day

Single Day Rishikesh Tour On A Bike
This day tour of Rishikesh is specially created for tourists who love hitting the road on a bike (motorcycle). This bike tour covers four different corners of Rishikesh  and can include a bunch of adventure activities like bungee jumping, rafting or relaxation on Ganga river beach. We can also use a car for transport if guests prefer car over bikes.
Tour Itinerary 
We’ll begin early morning at around 4:00 am on bikes and reach Kunjapuri to enjoy the amazing view of beautiful sunrise over Rishikesh.

After sunrise, we’ll visit Kunjapuri temple (1600 m altitude) andride to Ram Jhula for breakfast in one of iconic restaurants.

After breakfast, it’s time to ride towards Vashishtha cave. It’s a small cave on bank of river Ganga in a peaceful setting and beautiful beach. We can  enjoy the sights and/or meditate there for a while.

Next, we’ll ride to Neer Gadu or Gadu Chatti waterfall and enjoy some time there enjoying the beautiful scenery.

After the waterfalls, we have two choices:

1) A visit to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple and back to Rishikesh from there.

2) Adventure activity like bungee jumping, zip lining, or giant swing. Kayaking or rafting maybe possible depending upon time available.
Services Provided

TRANSPORT : In private or shared car with driver, bike or foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Not applicable.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to medium.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking,  Bird watching,  Meditation, Hiking,  sightseeing, bike rides;
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, 
COST: From INR 2500 onwards ( US $ 41)

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Day treks around Rishikesh

Following are a few treks in and around Rishikesh, Uttrakhand which can be completed in 1 day or less. These are ideal for people who just want to enjoy a short walking excursion in the foothills of Himalayas.
Kunjapuri Sunrise trek
Get up early at around 4:00 am and ride the car or bike to Kunjapuri (26 km).

Reach the sunrise point and enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise over Rishikesh.

After sunrise, it’s time for a walk/trek to Kunjapuri temple at an altitude of 1600 m where we’ll have breakfast.

After breakfast, we walk to Laxman Jhula 13 km from Kunjapuri.  On the way, we’ll come across numerous beautiful sights and attractions like Neer Gadu waterfall, numerous birds, beautiful landscapes etc.

We’ll reach Laxman Jhula to end the trek.
Services Provided

TRANSPORT : In private or shared car with driver, bike or foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Not applicable.
ACTIVITIES: Trekking,  Bird watching,  Meditation, Hiking,  sightseeing,
DURATION: 4-5 Hours
MEALS: Breakfast
COST: From INR 700 onwards ( US $ 11)


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Hamta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake Trek (7 Days)

Hamta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake Trek (7 Days)
This trekking route will take you over a wide variety of terrain from Hampta Pass in Kullu valley to Chandra Taal Lake in Spiti. During this journey, the trekkers cross such varied terrain like green pine forests, glaciers, deep valleys, open meadows and high altitude deserts.  This trek should be attempted by people already familiar with at least basic trekking.
Day 1. Manali – Jobra – Chika
First day will begin by transport to Jobra village in a car from Manali or nearby. Jobra is a beautiful small village at an altitude of  3200 m covered by lush green pine forests. We’ll rest there for a while taking in the sights and hopefully a cup of hot tea. We’ll then walk through the forest in to a meadow with Rani Nala (stream) passing through it. We’ll reach Chika by evening and set up our camp for the night.
Day 2. Chika – Jwara – Balu Ka Gera
Next morning after breakfast, we’ll pack up our things and start walking alongside the small river/stream. We’ll need to cross it after a while which is quite easy without getting wet.  After a couple of hours, we’ll reach Jwara a valley sheltered by tall mountains all around it. We can see Dhualadhar mountain range from here for first time. As we keep walking from this point onwards, we’ll keep gaining altitude. Our next stop will be Balu-ka-Gera which literally means “bed of sand” due to sand and rock brought by the river. We’ll camp there for the night.
Day 3. Balu-Ka-Gera – Shea Goru – Hampta Pass
Next day, we’ll keep following the river and face our first [...]

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Trek to Dharmkot Waterfall

Trek to Dharmkot Waterfall
Dharmkot waterfall  is one place about which not many people know about . But if you love hiking and water, it’s a great place to visit at least once. The trek can begin from Mcleodganj itself or we can first drive to a place called Gallu ka Mandir at the edge of Dharmkot. We  then follow a trail through the jungle which leads to the waterfall. Another trail from here leads to Triund. It’s a walk of around 5 km the altitude remains just the same.  End of journey is rewarded by a pretty mountain stream flowing down the slope forming a mesmerising waterfall. You can reward yourselves by a cup of hot steaming tea and snacks from a small shop which operates there for a few months of the year. After taking in the sights, sounds and fresh air of the place, we then trek back the same route to reach our car or hotel.
Services Provided

TRANSPORT : On foot.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking,  Mountain climbing,  Bird watching, Hiking, Motorcycle rides, Meditation,  Volunteer activities
MEALS: Lunch, Snacks
COST: From 1100 ( US $ 18 ) onward ( 1 US $ = INR 60)

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