Dharmsala Mcleodganj Custom Tour Packages

Dharmsala Mcleodganj Custom Tour Packages
Places like Dharmsala Mcleodganj are  must visit destinations for a large number of people. So tourists go there for short sightseeing activities to see for themselves and photograph places like Bhagsu Naag, St John’s Church in Wilderness, Dal Lake etc. Adventurous tourists visit Mcleodganj to indulge in trekking, camping, bird spotting kind of activities. Mcleodganj is also the launch pad for a number of treks in the region. Spiritually inclined tourists visit Mcleodganj to learn more about Buddhism, learning yoga, meditation and to work as a volunteer. This is one of the very few holiday destinations which has something for everyone. The small town charm and unspoiled beauty of the Dhauladhar mountains is a big draw to tourists from all over the world.

We realise that not every tourist has same set of requirements and budget. So we tailor each tour package according to the needs of our guests. We have a number of pre planned tour packages listed on our website and we keep on adding more as per demand. But for travelers who want something different, we offer custom made tour packages of Mcleodganj, Dharmsala which  are designed exclusively for them exactly according to their own needs. If you need a vacation which needs more than just sightseeing or adventure or visit to monasteries, contact us to create something which is much more than an ordinary cut and dried vacation. Fill up the contact form or email us at info@indiafoodtour.com to know more.

Services Provided

TRANSPORT : By bus, private or shared car with driver, air.
ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, home stays & campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping, Mountain [...]

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Chandra Taal Lake Camping (Variable duration)

Camping near Chandrataal Lake, Spiti
Chandra Taal (Moon Lake) is an incredibly beautiful lake situated in Spiti and surrounded by majestic Himalayan mountains. The circumference of lake is more than 4 km and is situated at an altitude of 4300 meters. The water of the lake is so clear that you can see the bottom for meters. It’s a great location to relax and enjoy the solitude and beauty of nature and also to trek. Due to it’s ecologically sensitive surroundings, all camp sites have to be at least 1 km away from the lake. 

To tourists looking forward to spend a day or more at the lake, we offer a large variety of options starting from tents for rent, use of campsite, parking, hot meals, bottled water, transport and assistance with trekking in the area. Our campsite has all the proper certifications and meets all legal requirements to operate in the area and offer the best service for the cost.

Prices for camping for one night start from INR 1700 (US $ 28) and differ according to choice of tents, meals and services availed. Contact us to learn more.
Other Activities:
Trek to Samudri Taapu
Services Provided

TRANSPORT : In private or shared car or SUV with driver, trek on foot.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Camping,  Mountain climbing, Jungle safari, Bird watching, Motorcycle rides, Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga, Volunteer activities (Optional)
DURATION: Variable
MEALS: By choice
COST: INR 1700 (US $ 28) onwards (At 1 US $ = INR 60)

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Chandra Taal To Samudri Taapu Trek (2 days)

Chandra Taal To Samudri Taapu Trek
Trek to Samudri Taapu from Chandra Taal is a short one but is ranked as a medium category trek due to alutitude (4300 m) and difficuty of terrain. Samudri Taapu is one of the origins of Chandra river which flows through Spiti valley and later becomes the mighty Chenab. It’s an ideal trekking and camping trip for trekkers who want to test their skill and stamina in  comparatively high altitude  and tough terrain.
DAY1 : From Lake to Glacier.
We’ll start walking from Chandra Taal and trek alongside Chandra river as it flows on our left. The terrain is rocky, sometimes unstable and criss-crossed by ridges and small mountain streams.  Only people that you might find on way are the occasional Gaddi shepherds. After a walk of 4-5 hours,we’ll reach one of the origins of Chandra river at end of the ridge and halt for lunch. After a bit of rest, we’ll cross the small plateau to set up camp at some distance from the glacier. We can walk to the glacier from there to explore the area. Sleep in tents under the clear night sky.
DAY 2 : Trek Back.
For coming back, we have two options. We can either walk back the same way or use the short cut via rope way which is used by local Gaddi shepherds to cross Chandra river sometimes.The latter is a bit dangerous at times and not advisable if you are carrying a heavy back pack.  It must be done only under supervision and never alone. After crossing the rope way, we have to climb up a mostly dry waterfall which is running only during rainy season. Walk back to our campsite [...]

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Dharmsala Mcleodganj with Triund in 7 days

Dharmsala Mcleodganj with Triund  Tour Package in 7 days
This tour package of Dharmsala. Mcleodganj and Kangra  covers the area in full detail and helps you relax close to nature. If  you want to enjoy the beauty of peaceful mountains, some beautiful natural and man made attractions and company of simple mountain folk or even solitude, this tour is one of the best choices.

DAY 1: Reach Dharmsala
Pickup from Chandigarh, Amritsar or Delhi and arrival in Mcleodganj, Dhamrsala. Rest and shower in hotel or guest house after  check in. We can walk around in the local bazar and take a look at the wares, cheap jewellery and souvenirs being sold by the local Tibetans. 

DAY 2: Kangra
 This day is devoted to sightseeing and understanding the culture of Kangra. We’ll first drive to ancient and historically important Kangra fort and  spend a few hours there taking in the views and a small history lesson. Then it’s time to visit Kangra museum and the War Memorial. Then we’ll drive to Machiral temple and visit hot water springs of  Tatwani to relax in it’s therapeutic waters and recover some energy.  The waterfall in Machiral is one of the biggest in region. Drive back to hotel after that.

DAY3:   Tibetan Buddhism in Mcleodganj, Dharmsala
This day will be spent in Mcleodganj, the capital of Tibetan government in exile and residence of Dalai Lama. The day will begin with a visit to  Tsuglagkhang monastery. It contains three major idols of Sakyamuni Buddha, Avalokitesvara and Padmasambhava which are made of gilded bronze. This place is spiritually very important for Tibetan Buddhists and people from all over the world come here to pray and meditate. You can see monks from diverse backgrounds meditating or [...]

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Mcleodganj to Triund Trek ( 2 days )

Mcleodganj to Triund Trek ( 2 days )
Mcleodganj to Triund trek is one of the easiest treks in the region. It’s an ideal choice for beginners to get familiar with trekking and also the experts to enjoy the views of beautiful Dhauladhar mountain ranges.  As the distance and altitude in this trek are not too much, almost anyone in reasonably fit physical condition can do it.

DAY 1: McLeodganj to Triund 
(Altitude 2975 m, Distance 9 Km)  Triund is a ridge with a  beautiful view of  Kangra Valley surrounded by Dhauladhar mountain range. We will begin the trek  from Dharmkot and walk through the beautiful forests of rhododendron, devdar and numerous other tree species. We’ll see a large variety of butterflies, birds and cute ladybugs on the way. After a bit of rest and lunch, we can also visit a small temple there. We’ll spend the night in our tents or in a small guest house (if available)

DAY 2: Back home
We’ll get up early to enjoy the view of sunrise over forested mountains and a hot  breakfast. After relaxing a while.  we can either walk back to Mcleodganj the same way or take a detour via Bhagsunag where we can enjoy the waterfall for a while before walking back to Mcleodganj.
Similar Treks: 

Mcleodganj to Triund Snowline Trek ( 3 days)
Mcleodganj to Triund  Trek ( 1 day)

Services Provided

TRANSPORT : On foot.
ACCOMMODATION: Guest house & campsites.
ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert.
ACTIVITIES:  Trekking, Hiking,  Mountain climbing, Camping,  Bird watching, Meditation
MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, bottled water,  juice, fruits.
COST: INR 3000 ( US $ 50) per guest ( At 1US $  = INR 60)

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