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Cooking classes

Indian Cooking Classes
Cooking classes in India are a fun and authentic way to learn Indian cooking as it’s really meant to be. India Food Tour’s cooking classes teach how to cook Indian dishes in a shortest possible amount of time with easily available ingredients without compromising on taste and quality. Depending upon their expertise, guests can choose to learn different dishes in each class. Even people familiar to Indian cooking can learn the finer details about what makes Indian food so special. 

You can choose a cooking class in either of following places:

New Delhi

We are adding more options all the time.
What you get in cooking classes with India Food Tour:

Learn to cook like an Indian family does.
Special focus on Indian vegetarian food.
A gift hamper of some important spices. (Only in New Delhi presently)
Personalised recipes for reference.
Exclusive and small groups.
Pickup and drop from hotel.

Offers :

Some fun activities like tying a saaree, Heena tattoo (mehandi), shopping, celebrating festivals like Diwali, Holi etc can be arranged on prior request depending upon season and availability.
Discounts are available if you purchase more than once activity.

Contact us via contact form or email for details.

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Key Things You Need to Know about Indian Food

Indian food is known to be one of the most rich and delicious cuisines in the whole world. When you are traveling, you are bound to encounter some Indian food at the restaurants. Most people do not know how to make Indian food and therefore do not know much about it.

Health benefits:

Indian food is one of the healthiest in the world. It is made with very little oil and never animal fat. This means that it is not likely to result in high cholesterol blood content. This means that it is quite excellent for people who want to stay healthy and not experience cardiac diseases. This food is also made using a lot of spices and herbs. Most of these are known to have not only excellent taste, but they also have medicinal benefits. Some of the spices, such as turmeric, help in boosting the immune system. This means that by eating Indian food regularly, you are able to keep diseases at bay and live a healthy life.

Main courses:

Unlike other international cuisines which involve a lot of courses, Indian cuisine centers around one main course. This is either rice or bread. The variations in the dishes are brought about by the side servings which are numerous. Indian rice is made through different recipes so you do not feel like you are eating the same main dish every day. For example, you can have pulao rice, masala rice or turmeric rice. There are also a variety of Indian breads such as roti, naan or chapatti. These breads are sometimes made from whole grains and without any adding any fat making them healthy but still tasty.


Indian food includes a wide range of meats apart from beef. However, most [...]

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Indian Street Food in India

Authentic Indian Street Food
Different people think differently about street food. Some people feel shy about eating in open streets while some may have concerns about food hygiene and cleanliness. But the point which makes street food popular is the sheer innovation an quality of food from street vendors which established fancy restaurants find very hard to replicate. Street food is not only easy on pocket but also very good to eat. Most street food vendors worth their salt actually have better cleanliness than many restaurants. Quite often in case of street food, not only you can see the food being cooked in front of you with your own eyes but also ask for customizations which are difficult to accommodate in restaurant meals. In many street food businesses, the cooking recipe is a trade secret and is zealously guarded just like MNCs like KFC, Pepsi etc. guard their own recipes.

The variety of food available in India is unmatched anywhere in the world. India is a melting pot of various diverse cultures and their cuisines, each one with their unique flavours. What passes for Indian cuisine elsewhere in world is only a very poor and incomplete imitation of the real deal which is a amalgam of thousands of different dishes from different cultures. Even native Indians can’t expect to cover all the food varieties available here and do justice to them. A person living in Tamilnadu will have a very different diet from one living in West Bengal or Bihar or Gujarat or Rajasthan. With faster ways of communications, different regional cuisines are finding acceptance in other parts slowly but steadily. Paav Bhaaji, a typical Maharashtraian dish, Dosa from south India, Dhokla from Gujarat and [...]

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    How to keep safe from water and food related problems while traveling

How to keep safe from water and food related problems while traveling

A lot of people suffer from upset stomach and other related illness by consuming unsafe water and food while traveling. A few people are blessed with iron stomach and immune system better than Terminator. But for rest of us, a lot of effort is spent on not getting sick whenever we step outside our homes for any period of time.

This issue is of particular importance for people who are traveling to foreign countries. You will find different notions of hygiene, cleanliness and even different pests and germs in different places. For example, communicable diseases like malaria are almost completely eradicated in western world, but they still claims hundreds of thousands of lives in many other countries.  Although, this topic can be written about in a very detailed manner, time and space constraints dictate that I limit this article to basic precautions related to water and food safety only. Although, this article is written with India in mind, these are some general instructions which hold true almost everywhere. So let’s begin with
Food Safety Rules For Travelers
Taking even basic precautions related to food safety and hygiene can save you a lot of trouble.  High end restaurants and hotels are considered cleaner than most road-side street food vendors. But this is not true everywhere in very case. One such case in example is freshness of ingredients used. A lot of of street food vendors prepare their dishes earlier in day or during the work hours and serve them as fresh as possible. Meanwhile, restaurants usually prepare large quantities of their most popular food items or ingredients and store them in refrigerators to be heated up just before serving.
Here are some points for you to keep [...]