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Chaat, One of best Indian street food items

Chaat – Indian Street Food

Various varieties of  Chaat are some of most popular Indian street food dishes and quite more than just snacks for people in India. Chaat is among the lightest, cheapest and most convenient meal to have when someone is in a hurry.  Indian street food is incomplete without a mention of chaat.  A confusing point that many people don’t get is that a lot of Indian street food items are called chaat. Some of more popular chaat dishes are papdi chaat, gol gappa also called paani puri,and bhalla chaat. Chaat is a street food dish, but some kind of it always served during most parties in India. Even posh, high-end restaurants have started serving chaat items, but they are often beaten by the street food vendors who have been doing it for generations
A large number of chaat food items exist in India, many with completely different  flavours, looks and ingredients from the rest. Many chaats are eaten cool and thus are enjoyable even in summer. Pani puris for example, are just water flavoured with digestive spices served in hollow balls made of crisp flour. Sometimes they are garnished with chick peas and boiled mashed potatoes. The flavoured water is usually salty made using pudina (mint), rock salt, pepper,  and some other ingredients depending upon where you eat it. For people who like sweetness, bit of sweet and tangy tamarind chutney is added. A number of different flavours among pani puris are available catering to almost every type of  fan. The flavoured water is considered to help with digestion and is useful in preventing dehydration during hot summers of India.  Many people drink pani puri water by cups.

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Indian Street Food in India

Authentic Indian Street Food
Different people think differently about street food. Some people feel shy about eating in open streets while some may have concerns about food hygiene and cleanliness. But the point which makes street food popular is the sheer innovation an quality of food from street vendors which established fancy restaurants find very hard to replicate. Street food is not only easy on pocket but also very good to eat. Most street food vendors worth their salt actually have better cleanliness than many restaurants. Quite often in case of street food, not only you can see the food being cooked in front of you with your own eyes but also ask for customizations which are difficult to accommodate in restaurant meals. In many street food businesses, the cooking recipe is a trade secret and is zealously guarded just like MNCs like KFC, Pepsi etc. guard their own recipes.

The variety of food available in India is unmatched anywhere in the world. India is a melting pot of various diverse cultures and their cuisines, each one with their unique flavours. What passes for Indian cuisine elsewhere in world is only a very poor and incomplete imitation of the real deal which is a amalgam of thousands of different dishes from different cultures. Even native Indians can’t expect to cover all the food varieties available here and do justice to them. A person living in Tamilnadu will have a very different diet from one living in West Bengal or Bihar or Gujarat or Rajasthan. With faster ways of communications, different regional cuisines are finding acceptance in other parts slowly but steadily. Paav Bhaaji, a typical Maharashtraian dish, Dosa from south India, Dhokla from Gujarat and [...]