Food Yoga

Food Yoga is the art of combining ancient Indian dietary practices with Yogic exercises for optimal physical and mental health.

India is birth place of Yoga and Ayurved, two of the oldest surviving holistic philosophies for a better physical and spiritual life. A healthy body and an active mind need more than just plain exercises and good food in isolation. Our Yoga instructors combine the best of Yogic exercises and meditation techniques with the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and diet to offer you a healthy living plan which is easy to learn and follow.

Yoga Sessions

We offer custom designed Yoga sessions which can range from one hour to multiple days. These can cover the absolute basic Yoga exercises and meditation techniques to advanced multi-day sessions which cover wide aspects such as incorporating healthy Yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, exercises, meditation techniques and medicine in daily routines.

Since the time available for most of our participants is rather limited, these yoga sessions encompass as much knowledge as possible in shortest amount of time.

All of these activities are custom designed according to time available, size of groups and other specific requirements of the participants. Email us at or fill up Contact Form for more information.

Bar Crawls

Bar Crawls are a great way to enjoy the nightlife of a city. Explore the most happening hotspots of the city in company of amazing people from all corners of the globe.

These bar crawls are available only in New Delhi for now and will be launched in a few other cities shortly.
Private, customised bar crawls and other such events can be arranged on request.


Every Thursday 19:30.


3-4 hours


Connaught Place, New Delhi.


INR 3,000


Entry to all bars, one complimentary drink in each bar, games.

Tea Tasting

A visit to India is incomplete without having a taste of the de facto national drink, tea. There are dozens of types of tea grown in India, each one with it’s unique flavour, aroma and other characteristics. Join a tea tasting session to learn as well enjoy some lesser known aspects of this hugely popular drink.

Currently we offer Tea Tasting sessions in New Delhi and will be launching this service in a few other cities shortly. 

1 Hour Tea Tasting


1 hour.


4 to 6.


INR 2,000 per participant.

2 Hours Tea Tasting


2 hours.


8 to 10.


INR 4,500 per participant.

Important Information:

  • These tea tasting classes can be combined with certain food tours and photo tours.
  • Meet up point is Connaught Place. Transport with pickup and drop can be arranged on request.

Heritage Tour of India

India is the land where numerous cultures took birth thousands of years ago and enriched the land with their philosophy, thoughts, architecture art, literature and cuisines. Unlike most other civilisations, these didn’t fade away with time. India was and still a place where ancient and modern co-exist in all their diversity. The ancient temples, forts, palaces and monuments made by old India royals; all are symbols of traditions and knowledge which have survived for thousands of the years.
Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Tamilnadu and every other place boasts of a heritage which is unequaled anywhere in this world.

We conduct heritage tours of India to help Indians as well as foreigners explore the ancient history and legacy of India. In these heritage tours, you can see with your own eyes the grandeur of old kings and  unparalleled made by India in art and science. Each region in India has it’s own unique heritage and history which is quite well preserved not only in form of old monuments but also the daily lives of people. A heritage tour with us will help you to explore all of these by stays in exotic palace hotels, luxurious train journeys, interaction with people who still follow their millenia old traditions and much more. These tours cover different periods and types of Indian history and heritage in different regions.
For example, a Rajasthan heritage tour will let you explore the valourous Rajputana history, the magnificent forts made by the brave warriors which were almost unconquerable and the pride which they had in their own culture and heritage. Ranthambore, Jaipur, Jodhpur are just some of the examples.

A tour of Madhya Pradeh will show you the cultural and artistic advances made by Bundels by the way of their intricately designed temples, luxurious palaces and memorials in Khajuraho, Orchha, Gwalior and many other places.
A tour of South India with all of it’s mind-boggling diversity in languages, cuisine, climates and architectures is another experience by itself. From placid stays in luxurious houseboats plying in lagoons and backwaters of Kerala to painstakingly carved temples of Mahabalipuram, Trichi, Madurai, dances, folk arts and cuisines and numerous others attractions, you’ll never run out of things to do or places to see.
Let us know of what part of India you’d like to know better and we will design a custom heritage tour for you which will fulfill all of your requirements.