Heritage Tour of India

India is the land where numerous cultures took birth thousands of years ago and enriched the land with their philosophy, thoughts, architecture art, literature and cuisines. Unlike most other civilisations, these didn’t fade away with time. India was and still a place where ancient and modern co-exist in all their diversity. The ancient temples, forts, palaces and monuments made by old India royals; all are symbols of traditions and knowledge which have survived for thousands of the years.
Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Tamilnadu and every other place boasts of a heritage which is unequaled anywhere in this world.

We conduct heritage tours of India to help Indians as well as foreigners explore the ancient history and legacy of India. In these heritage tours, you can see with your own eyes the grandeur of old kings and  unparalleled made by India in art and science. Each region in India has it’s own unique heritage and history which is quite well preserved not only in form of old monuments but also the daily lives of people. A heritage tour with us will help you to explore all of these by stays in exotic palace hotels, luxurious train journeys, interaction with people who still follow their millenia old traditions and much more. These tours cover different periods and types of Indian history and heritage in different regions.
For example, a Rajasthan heritage tour will let you explore the valourous Rajputana history, the magnificent forts made by the brave warriors which were almost unconquerable and the pride which they had in their own culture and heritage. Ranthambore, Jaipur, Jodhpur are just some of the examples.

A tour of Madhya Pradeh will show you the cultural and artistic advances made by Bundels by the way of their intricately designed temples, luxurious palaces and memorials in Khajuraho, Orchha, Gwalior and many other places.
A tour of South India with all of it’s mind-boggling diversity in languages, cuisine, climates and architectures is another experience by itself. From placid stays in luxurious houseboats plying in lagoons and backwaters of Kerala to painstakingly carved temples of Mahabalipuram, Trichi, Madurai, dances, folk arts and cuisines and numerous others attractions, you’ll never run out of things to do or places to see.
Let us know of what part of India you’d like to know better and we will design a custom heritage tour for you which will fulfill all of your requirements.

Agra Tours With Taj Mahal

Agra was the capital of Mughal empire and is full of historical places, monuments, bazaars etc. which makes it one of the most interesting heritage cities in India. Our Agra tours help you discover the real history and sights of the city by various types of special tours. If you are looking for something more than just plain sightseeing in Agra, take a look at the following options :

Agra Photography Tour With Taj Mahal

In addition to a guide, get a professional photographer to accompany your Agra visit. The photographer helps you take some amazing photographs of Taj Mahal, Agra fort and other places you visit. Instead of spending time and effort to click pictures every where, the guests can use the services of photographer who will take their pictures and the places for them. Picture in front of Taj Mahal is once in a life time event for many people. Get a good photographer to make this memory even more beautiful.  This photo tour of Agra is also a great choice for people trying to learn photography. The pictures can be emailed later or given in a memory card or CD.


  • Per guest on twin sharing basis: INR 12,500. Cost for each extra guest: INR 6,000
  • Cost for single guest: INR 21,000

Heritage Tour of Agra

There is more to Agra than just Taj Mahal. This former Mughal capital played a very important role in history of India and is full of historical sights and monuments which are evidence to this fact. Joining this heritage tour will help you enjoy more than just sightseeing as your guides with advanced degrees in history increase your knowledge with various historical facts and anecdotes proven by eminent historians and archaeologists.  Visit lesser known places like Itimad-Ud-Daulah tomb which was one of the major inspirations behind design of Taj Mahal. Excellent choice for travellers who wish to explore the places they visit in detail.

  • INR 9,500 per guest on twin sharing. INR 5,000 for each extra guest.
  • For a single guest : INR 17,000.
  • Add a photographer to take your pictures during the tour for just INR 7,000.

  • Pickup and drop from New Delhi in air-conditioned car.
  • Lunch in a good quality restaurant.
  • Entry fee of all monuments.
  • Guide fees, toll tax, parking fee, service tax and other charges.

  • A female guide can be arranged on request and is subject to availability.
  • Add street food tasting in Agra with any tour for INR 2200per guest.
  • Include sightseeing in Fatehpur Sikri for INR 2500 per guest.
  • Early morning or evening sightseeing in Taj Mahal can be arranged on request.
  • If you are already in Agra or in other cities like Jaipur, contact us to get prices accordingly.

How we offer best India tour packages

There must be hundreds of tour & travel businesses in India, which offer similar custom tours and travel services as we do. Some are much bigger than us in terms of size, budget, reach etc. and  may provide fairly good service too. Then why should anyone  choose us over any other tour operator ? Here are some unique and unbeatable services offered by India Food Tour which may help you make the right decision:

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, Best India tour packages

Unlike tours operated by other tour operators,all of our tours are reserved for a single party only.  We don’t pick and mix different clients who don’t know each other in to one large group just to reach minimum group size.  The car you hire, the hotel you stay in or any other service you avail from us will not be shared by anyone else. We focus on providing service tailored to individual guests instead of a large group consisting of mutual strangers. Our tours are designed according to the guest instead of the other way around. No two tours organised by us are exactly alike in terms of  places visited, activities, food etc. The preferences of every single guest are taken in to account before suggesting or serving anything.

Unlike many other tour operators, we don’t receive any under the table commission from any business we refer our guests to. Our aim is to provide best Indian experience to our guests. You can confirm the quality of our services via reviews and testimonials written by our guests on our pages at TripAdvisor, Facebook and more.

Almost all ordinary tour plans are about general sightseeing limited to only a few famous places. There are numerous fun activities and off beat places which make vacations even more interesting. We offer much more than the hectic hassle of following the schedule. You should be relaxing without any worry, not running by a rigid schedule or worrying about the plans.

We offer the best  services during all of our tours which include transport in air-conditioned vehicles, unlimited  food, drinks, bottled water, wet-wipes, sanitizer and more at lowest possible price. No other tour operator is even close to providing everything that we do . Even then, our prices are amongst the lowest.

Our focus is on the individual  travellers instead of a large group of tourists consisting of mutual strangers, we design our tours around the guest instead of the other way around. No two sightseeing and food tours are exactly alike in terms of food, places visited etc. The food preferences of every single guest are taken in to account before suggesting or serving anything. This avoids situations like where a vegetarian guest is stuck in a larger group consisting of non-vegetarian strangers he/she never met before.

We choose only a limited number of business associates who are well known for their quality of service, safety and hygiene. We don’t compromise on these factors. Foreigner tourists have different immune systems and tolerances and we do our best to make it as safe for them as possible.

Our focus has always been on providing the real Indian experience to our guests, in which food plays an important part. We have carefully short listed some very specific items which cover best of Indian cuisine irrespective of the type of place they are served. All of our custom tours take food part very seriously.

About Us :

Our focus has always been on providing the real Indian experience to our guests, in which food plays an important part. We have carefully short listed some very specific items which cover best of Indian cuisine irrespective of the type of place they are served. All of our custom tours take food part very seriously

India Food Tour offers best India tour packages which help tourists explore this amazing land full of colours, life, beauty and flavours. India is home to almost one sixth of the planet’s humanity and host for numerous cultures, languages, cuisines, races and religions.  A lot of people visit India every year to unwind, see some historical and natural wonders, sample the food, soak in spirituality and sometimes work. But even one lifetime is not enough to explore this dreamland.

There are numerous tour operators offering cut and dried travel services  which mean one size fits all tour packages which tourists have to adjust their schedules with. Some tourists want the freedom to travel completely  on their own but are intimidated by the logistics and lack of knowledge about the new and strange country. Guide books, internet forums are good, but they can only help to a limited extent. More often than not, people need someone to help them with their travel plans in a new place.

India Food Tour is an attempt to cater to such tourists. We listen to you and offer completely unique and highly customised India tour packages which will help you explore the flavours and sights of India according to your own preferences. Tell us your budget, places you want to see, preferred mode of travel,  food you want to enjoy and we’ll create just the right travel plan for you. Unlike normal tour packages, you choose all of your hotels, places you visit, mode of transport, food and everything else. We help you organise it all in to a tidy tour plan which beats any fixed package hands down. All you have to do on your part is to keep yourself and your camera batteries charged for the journey.

Hot milk in clay glasses

We don’t recommend taking what we or anyone else says at face value. You are welcome to go around and search for better deals. than our custom tours of India, With us, you’ll have the real India experience which is much sought after by tourists visiting India. You’ll see, smell, touch and taste the authentic India like it’s meant to be.

If you want more information of any type or just want to say hello, ask any question or want to design a custom tour yourself,  fill up the form at our contact page or mail info@indiafoodtour.com