Lucknow Food Tours

lucknow food tours

Lucknow Food Tours

Lucknow’s cuisine is famous for it’s vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and both are hugely popular with local residents as well as visitors alike. Food shops there have own loyal fan followings going on for many generations and one can experience it with the level of detail one can see in every dish. We offer two different food tours for vegetarians as well as meat lovers.

Two types of food tours are available, one veg another non-veg :


2 hours. Veg food tour starts at 13:00 Hrs and non-veg at 18:45 Hrs


For either food tour: 5-6 food items from 5-6 places


IINR 2500 per guest
Private food walks available on request.


Different spots for both food tours.

Best for

Exploring local Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow


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  1. Cost of all the food items, non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water, sanitizer, hand wipes.
  2. Entry fee of monuments and other places unless specified otherwise.