Culinary Tour of India With A Chef

As Indian food gains popularity all over the world, more and more people want to explore Indian cuisine in more detail.  A lot of tourists want to participate in activities like food tours, cooking classes, kitchen tours, introduction to spices, tea tasting, wine tasting and so on. Although we are already operating such activities in a few cities across India for quite some time with great response, the tours of India with a chef are meant for discerning travelers who want to learn more about Indian food than what’s possible in a day. Such culinary tours have one ore more chefs and culinary experts as the tour leaders and are designed to include the best of sightseeing, activities and Indian food in the most enjoyable way.

All the culinary activities which include food tours, cooking classes and demos, kitchen tours and major meals are done under the expert supervision of a chef for maximum attention to detail. Right now, we are offering Tours With A Chef 1-3 times a year with destinations like Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra and are in process of including some  other destinations like Kerala, Goa, Mumbai and Tamilnadu. The group size of these culinary tours is be between 10 to 15.

Please take a look at the Tour With A Chef packages listed below to know what we offer. These packages can also be modified in any way possible by adding or removing the destinations or an entirely new one created to suit the needs of guests. These can be chosen for a private tour. delhi food tour

List of Culinary Tours of India With A Chef 2016

List of Culinary Tours of India With A Chef 2015

List of Culinary Tours of India With A Chef 2014

Services Provided

  • TRANSPORT : In private or shared car with driver, air or train.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, guest houses, heritage properties, campsite .
  • ENDURANCE LEVEL: Anyone to Expert. Depends upon destinations and activities chosen.
  • ACTIVITIES:  Food tours, cooking classes, market tours, kitchen tours, photography tours,  Cultural activities, Meditation, Yoga,  sightseeing, Volunteer activities
  • DURATION: Variable
  • MEALS: By choice
  • COST: From INR 90000 onwards ( US $ 1500). Depending upon group size and itinerary.
  • GROUP SIZE: 10 to 15