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Traveling as a way of self-improvement

Traveling makes everybody a better person. We end our adventure happier than we started off. Travel makes one a better individual as well as a more interesting one as well. This makes one  type of a person people float towards and want to associate with them. Following are some approaches to become a better person while having enjoyable travel experiences :

1. Happier Travels

Travel tells you the best way to be cheery. You’ll end up being free, progressively sure and believe them to be an increasingly impressive spot. Being neighbourly, entertaining, social, cheery, certain are generally attributes that make people progressively productive in a standard day by day presence. Travel improves people. When you get acquainted with the world , push your cutoff points and try new things become an undeniably open, cheerful, and incredible person.

2. Say no to materialism

All over the place, you adjust precisely how little stuff you truly need. You’ll comprehend that the stuff they sell at the mall is totally useless in life. Returning home, you’ll get yourself a moderate just in light of the fact that you comprehend what you need to live and what you don’t.

3. Easy going attitude

Simply take the path of least resistance. Continuously be loose and accommodating while at the same time voyaging. Travel might most likely show new something new when you are calm and willing to realize what ‘s out there

.4. Become sharp and smarter

While voyaging you’ll get some answers concerning people, history and culture and arcane convictions about spots a couple of individuals could simply dream about. To put it doubtlessly, you’ll have a predominant understanding about how it capacities and how people continue. That is something that can’t be picked up from [...]

Photography Tours

Photography Tours in India
For people interested in photography in any way, our travel photography related services are an ideal way of making your trip even more memorable and colourful. We have a team of award winning professional photographers and travellers who can help you in any way you need. We offer following travel photography and photography tour services in India: 
1) Customised Photography Tours
An ideal way of capturing sights of any place, these photography tours take you to all the famous and not so famous corners. These tours can be availed by professional photographers as well as beginners who wish to take some great photographs of the places they are traveling to. Our photography guides help you make the best use of your time and equipment to take some really great photographs. You will also receive assistance in interacting with locals, food, entry in to places of interest and much more. These tours can be of 4 hours duration or can go on for multiple days depending upon the tour itinerary.
2) Photographer For Hire
A great choice for people who’d prefer someone else take the photographs of them and the places they visit. If you don’t wish to carry big, complicated and heavy cameras around everywhere you are traveling to, but still want to have professional quality photographs, then choose this service for photographs which will keep your memories colourful and fresh for eternity. You can use this service with your normal sightseeing tours and activities almost anywhere. For example, you can combine this service with our food tours for as low as INR 5000 for a group. The photographer will travel with you and take the pictures of places you are [...]

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Problems with tourism in India

Tourism in India is a tale of amazing potential, confusing paradoxes, missed opportunities and massive under utilisation of resources. Compared to rest of the tourist hotspots around the world, India has mind boggling variety of tourist attractions of all types which can attract almost every single type of tourist out there. Ancient archaeological heritage of India which goes back to nearly 4000 years is spread all over India, from Laddakh to Kanyakumari.

India is blessed with such awe inspiring ancient monuments at a scale unrivaled by any other country in the world. Forts of Rajput rulers in Rajasthan, artful temples of Bundels, luxurious monuments constructed by Mughals, amazingly beautiful Konkan temples are just a small fraction of this wealth spread across it’s length and breadth. Adventure tourists have some of the best and virtually untouched destinations in Laddakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttranchal, Sikkim, Mizoram and other north-eastern states . Wild life enthusiasts have the option of seeing some of the rarest wildlife not found anywhere else in world in Gir, Jim Corbett and many other national parks.

¬†Adventure tourism, specially in north-eastern states has a lot of potential but hasn’t been explored even partially. The north-eastern states states have some of the best places for adventure activities like trekking, mountain climbing, camping and much more. Culinary tourism in India which has the biggest potential is just a small speck. Considering the vast culinary diversity of India, the country should be the top destination for all foodie tourists.

So many religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism originated in India and their followers from all over the world wish to visit places important to their faiths. Medical tourism in India due to high quality healthcare at very low prices [...]