Custom India Tour Packages and Travel Services For Your India Trip

India Food Tour provides custom made  India tour packages with Indian food tours, cooking classes, tea tasting, wine tasting, photo tours and sightseeing tours in India . Our private tour packages of India are tailor made according to wishes of the guests and are completely private and exclusive.  That is, your India tour is just for you and we don’t make you travel with another group of guests. The size of group tours is kept small to enable maximum attention to detail and provide high quality of service to all of our guests. This way  travellers can enjoy their tour in complete privacy and on their own terms. This is how it works:
Taj Mahal, Agra Delhi Jaipur tours, Golden Triangle of India

  1. Travellers tell us their budget, duration of travel, desired places and activities.
  2. We suggest places, activities, travel plans and logistics along with the approximate cost.
  3. If travellers want some modifications, they are done and then the tour package is finalized.
  4. Arrival in India and beginning of journey.

Make your own India Tour Package

All you have to do is to come to India and we’ll take it up from there. Starting from immediate requirements like your airport pickup, hotel, meals to transport, sight-seeing, food tours and other activities; we’ll help you with it all aspects of your India tour. If you want to do any of above things yourself, you are welcome to do so too. You are not bound by restrictive plans and schedules. So, depending upon your requirements we can arrange all or some of the following for you :
Food tour in India

  • Transport facilities via train, car, bus, plane bullock cart, rickshaw, foot or anything feasible.
  • Places to stay, like hotel, heritage properties, guest house, home-stay, camp etc.
  • Sight seeing, camping, hiking, biking, jungle safaris and various other adventurous and general sightseeing activities depending upon the location and feasibility.
  • Culinary activities like food tours, cooking classes  and more in select places.  Everything in these tours is customized according to wishes of the guests

Unlike many other tour operators, we don’t try to fleece tourists by taking them to shady shops and persuading them to buy useless, overpriced trinkets. Your safety, comfort and best tour experience are much more important to us than money earned by such crooked means. Sounds interesting ? Need more information, want to design your own India tour package, just want to say hello or ask for directions ? Mail us at , call +918802105459 +919810645418,  or use this contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Your information will be kept confidential and we’ll not send any unwanted emails.

—: Our travellers’ top tours :—
India Tour With A Chef

We Provide

Discover the best of Indian cuisine, sights and culture via best food tours in India. Indulge your taste buds with the best Indian food in a culinary trip led by local expert guides. More Information. 
Join an Indian cooking class to learn the best cooking techniques of numerous Indian dishes. Join an Indian family for a while and observe how they live, cook and eat. More Information.
Private customised  tours of India with food walks, cooking classes, tea tasting, sightseeing, jungle safaris and various other fun filled activities for people who love food, fun and adventure. More Information. 
Make your vacation in India a culinary journey with great food, cooking demos, kitchen tours and more at your destinations. Your culinary activities will be led by a qualified chef. More Information.
Custom designed photography tours and professional quality photo shoots in various cities across India for tourists.  More Information.
Enjoy your vacations in some of the most beautiful and fun beaches of India. Relax by soaking up some sun, swimming in ocean, eating fresh sea-food or indulge in some adventure like para-motoring if you feel like.    More Information.
Discover the best sights and activities of a city by taking short guided tours of places of your choice, led by an experienced and knowledgeable guides.  More Information.
Discover the most popular travel trail, Golden  Triangle of India with Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan in a different and fun way. Discover the best of sightseeing and fun activities in north India in custom Delhi, Agra, Jaipur tour packages. More Information.

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