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Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur

Foodies Trip of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur 
Places covered: New Delhi, Agra & Jaipur.
Activities: Food tours, cooking classes, photo walks, camel rides, playtime with elephants, kitchen tours, introduction to spices, city walks.
Mode of transport: By road
Accommodation: A mix of best luxury and heritage hotels.
Transport: In comfortable air-conditioned vehicles.
Sightseeing: Major landmarks of all cities in addition to some hidden gems on the way
Duration: 6 days, 7 nights. ( Option to add more days)

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Travel Itinerary
DAY 1, Delhi: Delhi Delights 
First day in Delhi will be the time to begin the food tour of Delhi from Old Delhi. This tour which is the top ranked culinary tour service in Delhi will serve as a great introduction to Indian food and culture and will help set the tone for rest of your trip to India. There will be approximately 16-18 different Indian food dishes from different Indian cuisines and you’ll visit  up to 10 different food joints in Old Delhi, Central and South Delhi. All of the food joints that you’ll visit have been in business for generations and are famous for their quality of food. The oldest place in the list is in business for 110 years and youngest for 40. You’ll sample delicacies like samosa, lassi, butter chicken, kulfi (Indian ice creams), melt in mouth kebabs and much more. The Old Delhi part of the tour will take you through the old, narrow streets of medieval Delhi marked by old mansions, centuries old market and thousands of people milling about in their daily routine. Each lane in this area is a market for different commodity like invitation cards, spices, bicycles, cameras, utensils, vegetables, clothes , shoes, books and much more. The [...]

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Thai Food Festival at Mei Kun, Kempinski Ambience Hotel Delhi

Press Release: Thai Food Festival at Mei Kun, Kempinski Ambience Hotel Delhi
~An Expedition to Thailand with internationally renowned Chef Kwanruean Saegsitong from Siam Kempinski Bangkok~  

New Delhi 9th July 2015: Kempinski Ambience Hotel hosts the Thai Food Festival at Mei Kun, the Asian restaurant from 10 July – 19 July, 2015. Chef Kwanruean Saegsitong has travelled all the way from Siam Kempinski Bangkok to give the diners an authentic taste of her homeland, Thailand.With over 19 years of experience in promoting Thai cuisine across the world, Chef Kwanrauean Saegsiting is one of the most sought after Thai Chefs in the world. An expert fruit and vegetable carver Chef Kwan is best known for the successful promotions she conducted in Kempinski Hotel Khan Place, Mongolia and Kempinski Hotel Xiamen, China.

Indulge your senses in a specially crafted range of authentic Thai delicacies at Mei Kun. The 10 day long festival is aimed at transporting food enthusiasts to an expedition to Thailand. Some of the signature dishes include ‘Phad Phak Ruam Mitr’ Mixed vegetables in soya sauce, ‘Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai’ Roasted Duck in Red Curry, ‘Phad Thai Goong’ Fried Thin Rice Noodles, Shrimp with Eggs among others.

The exclusive menu crafted by the visiting Chef Kwan, paired with the serene ambience at Mei Kun promises to make an unforgettable journey for all diners.Puneet Singh, General Manager, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi said “A harmonious blend of spicy, subtle, sweet and sour, Thai food is an absolute delight for the palate. This festival is our endeavour to introduce the magic of Thai cuisine to our guests. Through our warm hospitality and talent of Executive Chef Rohit Tokhi and Chef Kwan, we promise to make this festival a memorable [...]

Indian Food Recipe: Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer
Palak Paneer is a north Indian dish , especially made in Dhabas .Dhabas are mini restaurant on the highway especially found in the north of India the best ones being in Punjab. According to nutritionists Palak and Paneer is an excellent combination of proteins and vitamins. It is also an extremely tasty combination.


1 bunch Palak.
2 tomatoes large.
2 tbsp. ginger garlic paste.
1 tsp. dhania powder.
1 tsp. jeera powder.
1 onion
3 green chillies
200 g Paneer.
Salt to taste.
2 tbsp. oil or butter.
To garnish 1 tbsp. of cream.


Blanch the spinach in hot water
Keep it covered for 10 mins
When done, blend it with green chillies and water to make the Palak pulp.
Boil the tomatoes.
Remove the skin and make tomato pulp by grinding in a mixer
Heat oil/butter , put onions and when they turn brown add the ginger garlic paste
Add the masalas and tomato pulp
Now add the Palak pulp and salt.
Cover and cook for 7-10 minutes
Add the Paneer pieces and turn off the flame
Garnish with cream and serve with roti.


Indian Food Recipe: Halwa Poori

Halwa Poori Recipe
Poori Halwa is a popular vegetarian dish. The combination of both gives a scrumptious taste to every light meal, snack or lunch. Served in small portions this duo can be largely served during occasions or festivals.

For making Halwa

1 Cup- Rava (semolina)
1 Cup- Sugar
1 Cup- Milk
1.5 Cup- Water
1 gram- cardamom powder
Dry fruits (if preferred)
Pinch- Saffron
2 tsp- Ghee (clarified butter)

For making Poori

3 cups- Wheat flour
2 tsp- Oil
To taste- Salt

For Halwa-

In a deep vessel, roast semolina for 2-3 minutes on low flame
Add ghee and then roast again for 4 minutes on medium flame
Stir the Rava well and keep it aside in a dish.
Now in the same vessel, add milk, sugar and water.
Add Cardamom powder, saffron and dry fruits and bring the mixture to boil on low flame.
Stir the Rava continuously to avoid lumps.
When the mixture forms a solid mass consider it as done and well roasted.
You can use dry fruits for garnishing and then serve with hot pooris.

 For Poori-

In sieved flour add salt and oil. To make dough add water to knead.
From the dough make small balls and make into discs measuring 8 centimeters.
Deep fry them until they are golden brown.
Serve with the Halwa.

Indian Food Recipe: Idli

Idlis Recipe
Idli is a very famous dish in India. It is originally from South India but is made everywhere and relished by everyone. It’s a breakfast recipe edible for old age to children as it is very soft. Diet conscious people have idlis as a first on their list.

1 cup – split black gram
1 cup –rice
1 tsp – fenugreek seeds (optional )
Salt to taste


Soak rice, split black gram, and fenugreek seeds in lots of water. Leave it overnight.
Grind the mixture and leave it to ferment for a day.
It should have the consistency of a batter after grinding.
Grease the idli molds and set the batter into them.
Heat water in the idli cooker till it starts boiling.
Steam cook for about 12-15 minutes on a high flame.
Turn off the gas and leave it for 15-20 minutes as it’s difficult to remove the idlis when extremely hot.
Serve it with hot sambhar.